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The 2020/2021 600 Club commences in June 2020. The ticket price is £20 which entitles the ticket holder to enter the 12 monthly draws, each draw to take place on the first Friday of each month . An independent person will oversee each draw. Details of the winning ticket numbers will be published on the Diabetes Jersey website within 2 weeks of the draw and also in the charity’s Newsletter (as and when published).

Diabetes Jersey is registered with the Jersey Gambling Commission and is also a member of the Association of Jersey Charities (ref 053)

A maximum of 600 tickets will be offered for sale which will generate a maximum of £12,000 for the charity, from which, the total value of the prizes for the 12 draws is guaranteed at £5,700

Monthly Prizes: £150, £75, 3 of £30 and 4 of £25, with additional prizes of £600 and 2 x £60 for the December Draw.

Please contact Bill O Brien for an Application Form at wobriendj@gmail.com or download the Application Form here.

April and May 600 Club Results

In view of the current pendemic, a decision was taken to hold both of the Draws earlier today as there was no guarantee that in the coming weeks, the Chairman and Treasurer would be able to meet to conduct them. The cheques will be sent to the winners in the coming days. See below the winning numbers:


£150     207
£75       532
£30       182, 285, 287
£25       69, 196, 220, 288


£150     492
£75       122
£30       292, 370, 522
£25      39, 266, 482, 549

Congratulations to the winners.

Only 20 tickets left to sell for the new 600 Club commencing in June, must be claimed by 25th May please. If you are interested in joining, please use the above link to download an Application Form. If you know of anyone who might be interested, could you please provide them with a Form to complete and return. Any assistance that you can provide to get these tickets sold would be appreciated.

Congratulations to the winners
£150    240
£75      475
£30      369, 405, 600
£25      42, 163, 481, 594


£150    553
£75      546
£30      1, 84, 448
£25      187, 195, 196, 479

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