600 Club 2021


The charity is no longer allowed to run the Club as it has been over the years. The Jersey Gambling Commission who issue the Permit, has advised that the promotion of the Club, the sale of tickets and subsequent Draws can only be held within the calendar year of the registration. For Diabetes Jersey,that would have meant all tickets would need to have been sold between 1st January and at the latest,by the end of that month. Therefore, a decision has been taken to run the Club this year between July and December, with 2 Draws each month. The Prize structure will remain in place.The price of each Ticket remains at £20 which entitles the number or numbers allocated to you, to be entered in all 12 Draws.You can obtain a copy of the Application Form and Terms & Conditions from Bill O'Brien,email wobriendj@gmail.com or click the links below.  Remember, you can hold more than one ticket. Additionally, if you know of anyone else who is aged 18 years or over, is a resident in Jersey, and is interested in joining the Club, please provide them with my contact details as described above.

January 2021 Results

£150    283
£75      568
£30      40, 457, 545
£25      101, 205, 314, 359

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