Diabetes Jersey works tirelessly to support people with diabetes, and to raise public awareness of the need for testing.

Down Arrow

Diabetes Jersey is the Island’s only diabetes charity and is registered with the Jersey Charity Commission (No.110). Money raised is used to fund local projects and some salaries for specialist staff at the Diabetes Centre. Raising awareness of diabetes amongst the general population, prevention of diabetes and education are key objectives. Through these efforts the charity aims to improve the lives of all those living with diabetes in Jersey and all members of the general committee give of their time freely.

People diagnosed with diabetes are automatically enrolled as a member of Diabetes Jersey. All members receive quarterly newsletters written in conjunction with the staff at the Diabetes Centre which keeps people up to date with information about diabetes and current events. Once the new website goes fully live it will provide you with all the information you need to know about the condition clearly and in a user-friendly manner, including types of diabetes, symptoms and the importance of early detection, screening programs, risk factors, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, professional medical information, support services and where to get help.

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