Podiatry Staff & Foot Care Services in Jersey

Tina Haironm & Merlyne Brown

We have a limited service in The Diabetes Centre Provided by 2 podiatrists Tina Hairon & Merlyne Brown.

These clinics are for people with both chronic and acute foot problems. These are people with serious wounds that require specialist attention, dressings and foot wear.

Thursday morning appointments include a detailed education / assessment session for patients with Diabetes. The appearance of the foot, various measurements and observations of the foot are made. The sensitivity of the foot and its blood supply will be checked. A discussion about ways to minimise foot injuries plus advice about what shoes to wear will also occur. All patients newly diagnosed will be offered an education session in podiatry.

What is an acute problem and what should you do?

If you notice a sudden, extreme change in the appearance of your toe/foot, including any sign of redness,broken skin, infection, oozing or pus. Clean and cover the affected area then contact the Diabetes Centre for advice. We take foot problems very seriously so it is likely that you will be seen that day by a member of the team.

The Diabetes foot service isunableto offer appointments for nail cutting, treatment of in-growing toe nails etc. You will need to make arrangements to see a private State Registered Chiropodist (SrCh) should you require ongoing, routine treatment.

If you are over 65 years of age the Social Security Dept can advise you of ‘The Westfield Scheme' - this scheme allows a subsidy towards the cost of dental, podiatry and optician for the older person if you fall within the income criteria.

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