Healthy Eating Specialists

Jill Fa, Naomi Tucker, & Diane Coppins

Most of you will have met (or probably dreaded seeing) the dietitian during your appointments at the Diabetes Centre. We are keen to dispel the myth that we are the ‘food police' and consider our main role is to support people in Jersey to make healthy dietary changes.

So the official definition ... Registered Dietitians are uniquely qualified to translate scientific information about food into practical dietary advice. Dietitians also advise about food related problems and treat disease and ill health. The title ‘Dietitian' can only be used by those appropriately trained professionals who have registered with the Health Professions Council and Jersey Healthcare Registration.

We work individually or as part of a team with people of all ages, and care for those in hospitals (in-patients and out-patient clinics) and the community. Each Dietitian has their own area of expertise. We often teach the public and other health professionals about diet and nutrition through talks, the media and publications.

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