Diminishing Big Breakfast


Posted on November 08, 2018

On World Diabetes Day, Wednesday November 14th, the charity is launching its Diminishing Big Breakfast at the Pomme d’Or Hotel. It is twenty years since Mary Young, now fundraising chairman for Diabetes Jersey, launched her original Diminishing Big Breakfast and this fundraising idea has been used many times since. However, Mary felt this was a good time to mark this significant anniversary with a new Diminishing Big Breakfast to raise funds for a cause to which she is deeply committed. The principal guests at this first Diminishing Big Breakfast will be Bailiff Sir William Bailhache and Lady Bailhache.

For those wishing to participate please click the following to download the form Diminishing Big Breakfast.

How does the Diabetes Jersey Diminishing Big Breakfast Work?

The Bailiff has kindly agreed to host the initial breakfast on the 14th November - World Diabetes Day - to which Diabetes Jersey will invite 6 specially selected guests representing different areas of Jersey life.

The six guests will in, their turn, host their own breakfast inviting 5 guests. Those thirty people will then all host a breakfast each inviting 4 guests. Those 120 people will each invite 3 guests to a breakfast and so on until at the end the last 720 people just host one person to breakfast. It may be called the diminishing breakfast because the number of guests diminishes each time but in fact it is the ever increasing breakfast, as by the end of the scheme we anticipate that nearly two thousand people will have taken part.

All breakfasts will take place a the Pomme D'Or Hotel and each host and guest will pay £20 each time for their breakfast of which the hotel will kindly donate £7.50 to our charity.

We do hope that you will get the opportunity to take part, but if not then why not just host your own breakfast at the Pomme D'Or and tell them the £20 you are paying is for a Diabetes Jersey Breakfast?

Good luck to everyone taking part. Enjoy yourselves and thank you so much for supporting Diabetes Jersey.

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