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Posted on December 10, 2018

TEN PER CENT of those tested during the free testing days for Type 2 diabetes offered at the CI Cooperative Society’s Grand Marché stores in St Helier and St Peter required referral for confirmation of a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Around 5,000 people in Jersey are know to have diabetes, approximately five per cent of the population. That the tests have revealed double that percentage reflects the likelihood that a significant proportion of those tested (363 in total) recognised, from the publicity surrounding the tests, that they might be at higher risk.

The tests were carried out by the CI Coop’s pharmacy staff led by Sara Kynicos, Superintendent Pharmacist at Cooperative Pharmacy Locale. Of the testing results she says: 'That was a great collaboration between Cooperative Pharmacy Locale and Diabetes Jersey to support islanders to be aware of and reduce their risk factors for Type 2 diabetes and live healthy lives. The demand for testing in our stores was very high and we received lots of positive feedback from the event.’

Thanks to the success of this first initiative, Diabetes Jersey and the Ci Cooperative Society will be joining forces throughout next year to expand the facilities for testing.

Bill O’Brien, chairman of Diabetes Jersey, says: ‘I know that both we and the CI Coop were surprised at the high level of response to this initiative and we are extremely grateful to Sara and her staff for the professional and sensitive manner in which the testing was carried out and to the CI Cooperative Society for such valuable support. We are also very pleased that this productive liaison between us will continue.’

For further information please contact Sara Kynicos, tel: 784362 or Peter Tabb, tel: 07797 721275.

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