Care Expectations In Jersey

Care Quality in Jersey

Whether you have just been diagnosed or had Diabetes for some time it is important that you have regular high quality healthcare. 

This will help to ensure that your Diabetes, blood pressure and blood fats are all kept in check as well as detecting any early signs of complications so that they can be caught and treated successfully.

Once you have been diagnosed with Diabetes your doctor should refer you to the Jersey Diabetes Centre where appointments may be made with the various members of the specialist team. You are welcome to contact the Diabetes Centre for advice, information and supplies. Please refer to ‘meet the team'.

We would suggest that all newly diagnosed people receive a series of appointments with the members of the specialist Diabetes team, after which you will be discharged back to your GPs for ongoing care.

It is important that you are well informed about your Diabetes and feel included in your treatment & care. All people with Diabetes should have regular 3 monthly health reviews with their health care provider; at the very least an annual assessment would be recommended.

You also have certain responsibilities as follows:

  • Take control!
  • Learn what you can about your condition and ask questions.
  • Wherever possible make healthy choices when eating and drinking.
  • Take regular exercise.
  • Monitor your blood glucose levels.
  • Examine your feet regularly.
  • Know where and when to ask for help!
  • Attend your hospital appointments or phone to reschedule if you are unable to attend.

There are certain responsibilities that your health care provider has:

Laboratory tests: Blood & urine tests looking at your kidney function, blood glucose levels & HbA1c and blood fats. Please make sure you have these taken 2 weeks before your appointment to see a member of the medical team to allow sufficient time for the results to be available.

Physical examination: weight, blood pressure, eyes, feet & legs.

Lifestyle: discussion about your treatment, home monitoring, hypoglycaemia, smoking/alcohol/exercise. Any queries you might have.


Non residents of Jersey are welcome to visit the Centre but we do advise that if you are planning to work on the island that you become registered with a doctor.

Charges may apply to non residents.

Whilst the Jersey Diabetes Centre will endeavour to help during opening hours we advise that tourists do act responsibly whilst travelling.

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