Your Dietetic Appointment

How to get the best from your appointment

  • Expect the dietitian to ask you questions about your eating habits ... but we also need to understand your social and family commitments, current health, shopping habits and food portions too
  • This helps us to work with you to establish realistic goals which you can work towards, and these will be set out on an information sheet for your reference at home. We can also provide you with meal ideas, recipes and portion guides
  • Measurements such as your weight, height, body fat levels and waist may be taken. These can then be used to assess your ongoing progress
  • You may find it helpful to keep a food and drink record a few days before your appointment which we can look through together
  • Write down any specific questions that you would like to ask the dietitian at your appointment - that way you do not forget
  • Bring a friend or relative along to your appointment if you find this helpful, especially if they do the shopping or cooking.

Check out the States of Jersey website or the British Dietetic Association website.

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