Children's Diets

Many parents wonder what they can give their child to eat now they have Diabetes.

Young children need to drink a pint of milk a day or the equivalent amount of calcium. This is easier than thought to achieve as one small yogurt or 25g of hard cheese are the equivalent of one third of a pint of milk.

Milk and dairy foods are essential so aim for your children to have 3 servings a day. Teenagers have a high calcium intake because their bones are growing fast and for children aged 2 and under, full fat products provide the energy.

Children's calorie requirements are much larger than adults (per kg body weight) since they are growing. Consequently it may not be appropriate for them to have low fat diets. However when fats and oils are given, offer the healthy varieties which are vegetable based.

Treat foods such as crisps, biscuits, cakes, ice cream and pastries can be eaten in moderation.

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